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    Deriv P2P

  1. Deriv P2P là gì?

  2. Deriv P2P bảo mật đến mức nào?

  3. Do I need a Deriv account to use Deriv P2P?

  4. Tại sao số dư trên Deriv P2P khác với số dư trong tài khoản Deriv của tôi?

  5. Where can I see the terms of use for Deriv P2P?

  6. Why is my Deriv P2P account blocked?

  7. What payment methods can I use to exchange with other traders?

  8. How do I create an ad?

  9. Where can I see my ads?

  10. How do I make an order?

  11. Where can I see my orders?

  12. What does ‘completion rate’ mean?

  13. Why can't I see my ad in the Buy/Sell tab?

  14. Tôi phải làm gì khi có tranh chấp với người tôi đang thực hiện giao dịch cùng?

  15. How do I check my available balance for Deriv P2P?

  16. How do I ensure my Deriv P2P transactions are successful?

  17. How do I get in touch with the trader I’m dealing with?

  18. Can I increase my daily buy or sell limit on Deriv P2P?

Deriv P2P là gì?

Deriv P2P is our peer-to-peer deposit and withdrawal service that’s part of our trading platform. Using Deriv P2P, you can get money in and out of your account in minutes via exchanges with fellow traders. We launched this service mainly for our clients in countries where currency exchange services are not widely accessible.


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