What are multipliers?

Deriv multipliers combines the upside of leverage trading with the limited risk of options. This means that when the market moves in your favour, you'll multiply your potential profits. If the market moves against your prediction, your losses are limited only to your stake.

Let’s say you predict that the market will go up.

stake amount
multiplier no multi win

Without a multiplier, if the market goes up by 2%, you'll gain 2% * $100 = $2 profit.

multiplier multi win

With a x500 multiplier, if the market goes up by 2%, you'll gain 2% * $100 * 500 = $1,000 profit.

multiplier no multi loss

With an equivalent $100 margin trade, with 1:500 leverage, you risk 2% * $50,000 = $1,000 loss.

multiplier with multi loss

With a x500 multiplier, if the market goes down 2%, you'll lose only $100. An automatic stop out kicks in if your loss reaches your stake amount.

Why trade multipliers on Deriv

Better risk management

Customise your contracts to suit your style and risk appetite using innovative features like stop loss, take profit, and deal cancellation.

Increased market exposure

Get more market exposure while limiting risk to your stake amount.

Secure, responsive platform

Enjoy trading on secure, intuitive platforms built for new and expert traders.

Expert and friendly support

Get expert, friendly support when you need it.

Trade 24/7, 365 days a year

Offered on forex and synthetic indices, you can trade multipliers 24/7, all-year-round.

Crash/Boom indices

Predict and gain from exciting spikes and dips with our Crash/Boom indices.

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