Become a payment agent on Deriv

Expand your client base, gain additional business exposure, and earn more revenue when you sign up as a payment agent on Deriv.

Send us an email to apply

Tap into an established and growing market

Reach hundreds of traders on our platform looking for ways to fund their accounts through local bank wires and e-payment methods.

You are in control

As a payment agent, you are an independent exchanger. You can:


Determine your commission per transaction, subject to our established thresholds.

open account

Open an agency account with just $200.

withdraw deposit

Perform multiple deposits and withdrawals per day.

close account

Close your account at any time you want.

Who can apply

trading experts

Currency exchangers

Reputable online currency exchangers who want to gain more exposure and clients.



Deriv affiliates who want to support their clients.

community managers

Community managers

Trusted influencers or community managers who want to earn extra revenue.

How to apply


Drop us an email

Send us an email with the following:

  • Your name, email address, and contact number

  • Your website address (if you have one)

  • Payment methods you will accept from clients

  • The commission you will charge clients on deposits and withdrawals


Wait for our reply

We’ll review your application and get in touch for further information and next steps.


Get listed

After final approval from our compliance team, we’ll publish your details on our payment agent list.

Send us an email to apply


What is the Deriv Payment Agent Programme?

It is a partnership arrangement where a payment agent is authorised to process deposits and withdrawals for our clients.

Why do clients need a payment agent?

Many of our clients are looking for ways to fund their accounts using payment methods that are not directly available on Deriv. As a payment agent, you'll be able to help them fund their accounts while charging a fixed commission per transaction.

Are there any fees I need to pay to become a payment agent on Deriv?

Not at all. Joining our payment agent programme is completely free.

Who sets the commission rate per transaction?

As a payment agent, you determine your commission per transaction, subject to our established thresholds.

What happens if a payment agent charges more than the set commission threshold?

If we receive justified complaints, the payment agents involved will be banned immediately from our platform.

Are payment agents employees or affiliates of Deriv?

No. Payment agents operate as independent exchangers and are not affiliates of Deriv.

How can I add, remove or change my accepted payment methods?

To change your payment method, please send an email to [email protected] for assistance.

As a payment agent, will I receive commissions from Deriv?

We do not pay commissions to payment agents. You set your own commission rate per transaction and our clients will bear the necessary fees.

Can I advertise my services to Deriv clients?

Yes, provided that you follow all the relevant terms and conditions (see the tab entitled 'For business partners' on our Terms and conditions page).

Will I still be able to trade with my account after registering as a payment agent?

Yes. As a payment agent, you will still be able to trade with your account.