Payment Agent

  1. What is the Deriv Payment Agent Programme?
  2. Is the Deriv Payment Agent Programme the same as Deriv P2P?
  3. Why do clients need a payment agent?
  4. Do I need a Deriv account to become a payment agent?
  5. Do I have to pay any fees to become a payment agent for Deriv?
  6. Do I get commission as a payment agent?
  7. What happens if a payment agent charges more than the set commission threshold?
  8. Are payment agents employees or affiliates of Deriv?
  9. What is the difference between a payment agent and a premium payment agent?
  10. Who can become a premium payment agent?
  11. Will I be required to pay a fee to become a premium payment agent?
  12. What is the cost of using the premium payment agent’s services?
  13. Can a premium payment agent provide their services to another premium payment agent?
  14. Can payment agent offer their services to a premium payment agent?
  15. Can a payment agent offer their service to other payment agents?
  16. Can all Deriv clients use premium payment agents to process transactions?
  17. How can I add, remove or change my accepted payment methods?
  18. Can I advertise my services to Deriv clients?
  19. Will I still be able to trade with my account after registering as a payment agent?