1. What is DBot?

  2. How do I find the blocks I need?

  3. How do I remove blocks from the workspace?

  4. How do I create variables?

  5. What is a quick strategy and how do I use it?

  6. What is the Martingale strategy?

  7. What is the D’Alembert strategy?

  8. What is the Oscar's Grind strategy?

  9. How do I save my strategy?

  10. How do I import my strategies into DBot?

  11. How do I reset the workspace?

  12. How do I view the chart in DBot?

  13. Where can I see the status of my trades in DBot?

  14. How do I clear my transaction log?

  15. How do I control my losses with DBot?

  16. What is DBot?

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What is DBot?

DBot is a web-based strategy builder for trading digital options. It’s a platform where you can build your own trading bot using drag-and-drop 'blocks'.

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