Software Testing

We are a team of engineers who prepare and execute high-quality tests to refine our wide range of products and services. By joining our department, you will help to look after the quality, usability, and stability of our websites and trading platforms to deliver a world-class experience to our end users.

Software testers working on laptop

From initial design to post release, we assess risks on projects and make sure the production team achieves their delivery on time and with high quality through automation. We refine our wide range of products and services by meticulous testing. Working closely with other teams, we mitigate any problems within our offerings and recommend improvements to keep our platforms running smoothly.

Mohammad Fahad Islam - Senior QA engineer

“I joined Deriv as a fresh graduate. The work culture here is great. Since I began, I have worked on a variety of projects with people with different skills, experience, and backgrounds. In addition to sharpening my skills over time, I also built strong relationships with my coworkers. My teammates are more than just colleagues; they're wonderful people who have helped me grow as a person and as a professional.”