Payment Solutions & Integration

Our main function is to help our customers trade easily using a payment method of their choice. Our job can be described as "client funding facilitators" — meaning we provide the necessary tools to the clients to be able to fund their accounts and to be able to withdraw their returns.

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Our main focus is to onboard the payment systems that our clients want to use from across the globe and make sure they're working as expected. We work with many different payment solutions and people of various background. We also reach out to various other teams to assist in any payment queries and educate them on how to use the payment systems. In turn, this helps other teams to be able to efficiently assist clients in their trading journey.

Fehmeed Ali Kazmi - Senior payops executive

“The best thing about working at Deriv is that the company is open to hiring younger people and turning them to leaders. In my case, I got promoted to senior executive after a year. Now my Head of Department is helping me get ready for a team lead position. There's always room for growth at Deriv.”