frontend department

Front-end Development

We’re tasked with building the client side of our web applications. We translate UI/UX design wireframes into a user-centric web experience, combining creativity and practicality to provide users with the best experience.

Front-end developer working on a laptop

Advocating for our clients’ needs requires collaboration with other teams to implement an engaging user interface for our trading platforms. As part of our department, you’ll be expected to understand our audience as well as our company vision to code creative and user-friendly web pages and platforms. We continuously push to offer a more fluid user experience for all our clients.

Sean Ho - Front-end developer

“I have been working at Deriv since October 2020. My team plans, builds, and maintains the front-end codebase of all the different projects the company is working on. There are a lot of ongoing projects, each with its own set of responsibilities and challenges. Together, we help each other out where we can and know that each and every person has contributed to the team's success.”