customer support department

Customer Support

As part of our customer support department, you will be the voice of our business, interacting with more than 2 million of our users worldwide. We combine our love for our company, our clients, and solving problems to provide customer service that’s so good, our clients can’t stop thanking us. You’ll answer questions, provide guidance, and make their day just a little bit better with your top-notch service.

Customer support executives on call

Our department spans across the globe and supports our clients in multiple time zones and languages. We're a friendly bunch committed to providing exceptional quality service. With a clear focus on product and service knowledge, we offer immediate help via live chat and relay the feedback we get to the development teams so that our products remain a favourite among our clients. We're Deriv's voice and represent the respect Deriv has for its clients.

Carolina Cantero Pineda - Customer support executive

“We have an amazing work culture at the office, which makes working here an exciting and interesting experience. Our people's positive spirit inspires you to stay. The Customer Support department has demonstrated the meaning of the word "teamwork" for me. We all support one another. In our department, there is no "I did this" or "I achieved this" — there is only "we, we, we".”